Ulrich Stiehl’s Font Forgery

Ulrich Stiehl’s Font Forgery

Eight years have passed since Ulrich published my font as his, but still I wanted clear a few misunderstandings. As the email mail.ru which I used for Sanskrit correspondence until gmail.com is now, I can not quote the text or dates, but it all was until 2005. After it Ulrich never replied. He was in contact with a colleague of mine from Minsk, Mihas, but now these days are over as well.

In 2005 a .pdf was sent as a reply to my email from The Type Museum. Based on it I OCRed the text and sent it to colleagues. I was surprised to find it later at sanskritweb.net/itrans/s99fonts.pdf same year. Ulrich, haven written lots of interesting articles about font forgery, released a not yet ready font for public on his website, although he knew from our prior email exchange that I was involved and not only involved – the idea, scanning, drawing, improving was done in Moscow.


Bibliotheca Sanscritica


–        Кудрявский Д.Н. Начальная санскритская хрестоматия (Том XI)

–        Коссович К.А. Легенда об охотнике (Том XIII)

–        Елизаренкова Т.Я. Индоарийские языки древнего периода (Том XIX)

–        Зализняк А.А. Грамматический очерк санскрита (Том XII)

На русском:


  1. О. Фриш. Санскритская хрестоматия. Тексты. Т. I (2-е изд.)
  2. О. Фриш. Санскритская хрестоматия. Словарь. Т. II (2-е изд.)
  3. Ф.И. Кнауэр. Учебник санскритскаго языка. Грамматика, хрестоматия, словарь. (3-е изд.)
  4. Н.П. Лихушина. Новая книга для чтения на санскрите (1-е изд.)
  5. Миллер В.Ф. , Кнауэр Ф. И. Руководство к изучению санскрита. (Грамматика, тексты и словарь.) (5-е изд.)
  6. Г.Й. Бюлер. Руководство к элементарному курсу санскритского языка (5-е изд.)
  7. М.Ю. Гасунс. Обратный словарь санскрита (अ-ल). Т. I (1-е изд.)
  8. М.Ю. Гасунс. Обратный словарь санскрита (व-ह्). Т. II (1-е изд.)

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