Peter Freund Devanagari

The entire group is provided on CD-ROM with six formatting conventions. 1) straight texts in Devanagari as typed, including several fonts, MS Word 6 doc files. 2) Same files changed to Peter Freund Davanagari font. These are plain text format, so you need to change the font when first loaded. 3) Same thing but Peter Freund Roman transliteration font. Forma is plain text. 4) Same as (1) but with some incorrect font mappings replaced with what we believe are all correct ones. The font substitutions appear in red color. Also, for proofing purposes, the first occurrence of each font character in each file appears in green color. Files are in PC RTF format. 5) Same as (4) but green coloring is removed. 6) Plain text format in 7-bit VedaType encoding. As shown below, this is quite similar to Harvard Kyoto.